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Dual Course Option: WY Conformation and Movement Matter and Training Scale Master Class Combo

Limited Time Only: Join BOTH Online Wy Conformation and Movement Matter When Buying, Breeding and Training a Dressage Horse Course and The Live Training Scale Master Class @ Special Bundle Price of $697. Save $197. This price available through 6/16/22

Wy Dressage Testimonials

Tracey Erway

The depth and breadth of information shared in the conformation and movement course is remarkable. You can take in as little or as much as you like and still walk away a winner. You’ll have the ability to assess the dressage horse and differences in jumpers, eventers and race horses. Kristi is able to bring the analysis full circle by providing actual training advice in the form of videoed lessons which address previously identified conformational issues. You learn what training applies to what conformational issues, see the results of ineffective training, then see the difference in movement that proper training offers. It’s huge! I feel empowered. I am able to apply process and science to my analysis of any horse and know where I’m making tradeoffs. Now I can identify what the real cost will be in terms of soundness, longevity, rideability and brilliance. I can make knowledgeable decisions.

Natalie DiBerardinis

Manager of Hilltop Farms Colora Maryland

With a true enthusiasm for education and the topics she presents, Kristi brings a lot of energy and fresh insights to her teaching. I especially value her understanding of the lifelong development of the dressage horse from the foals and young horses to the FEI arena.

Kyle Putnam


As an equine massage therapist, I believe we must work within the horse’s capabilities which requires understanding conformation and movement. Kristi is uniquely qualified to help riders build on their horse’s strong points while supporting any weaknesses. She helps rider maximize the horse’s potential while respecting their physical limits. I am so pleased she has created this. It is an excellent recipe for ensuring success and longevity of our equine partners!

Special Option: Wy Conformation and Movement Matter Course and Training Scale Master Class Combo