Wy Conformation and Movement Matter When Buying, Breeding or Training a Dressage Horse

This course is designed to provide you hands-on-tools to make buying, breeding, and training dressage horses easier and more successful by understanding conformation and movement and their impact more clearly. Each participant can study the modules when, where and however it works for you – anywhere in the world. If you want to watch a module at one time, in two parts, multiple times, it doesn’t matter - you choose. You will have the chance to ask questions specific to your situations throughout the course. There will be fun activities designed to help you apply the tools taught in each module.  These exercises are a fun way for you to really prove your new skills.  

Course Highlights

  • Welcome Module

  • Four Training Modules

  • Two Question and Answer Modules (Final Q&A will also include summary of course)

  • Pre-Recorded sessions - participant can watch at any time, any place, as many times as you want

  • Fun home activities to allow participants to test your new knowledge using the tools you’ve learned in this course. All assignments are optional.

  • Private Facebook page: to allow further interaction, discussions, fun tips, sharing experiences in the course, etc.

  • Questions can be submitted throughout the course to be addressed during the dedicated Q&A sessions

Course Modules:


Welcome Module.  During this module Kristi Wysocki, the instructor introduces herself to those of you that might not know her. She will discuss the course details, content for each module along with assignments you can participate in. The Facebook page details and other information that will be helpful throughout the course will also be provided during this module.

Training Module 1. Conformation of the Dressage Horse. In this module you will not only learn basic conformation, but you will learn key factors that are imperative to understand when you shop for a horse, breed a horse, ride and/or train a horse. 

Training Module 2. Movement of the Dressage Horse. In this module we will build on the information learned during module 1 and add the horse’s gaits to the picture. Detailed evaluation of gaits will be discussed for a better understanding of the detailed elements of each gait. 

Question and Answer Module 1: Questions submitted during the first half of the course will be addressed during this session.

Training Module 3. In this module we will focus on the biomechanics and how they play a vital role in buying, breeding and training the dressage horse.  The effects of these issues on training, movement and soundness will be looked at in depth. Although these concepts are very important, they are often left out of most of our education in dressage.

Training Module 4. In this module we will discuss how conformation and movement must be considered when training the horse effectively, efficiently and safely for their body type. Different types of horses will be discussed to enhance your understanding of these important aspects. 


Bonus Module. In this module we will discuss jumpers, eventers and race horses conformation and movement relative to the dressage horse. This is a fun extra module provided to give you some insight to some of these different athletes.

Final Summary and Question and Answer Module. A summary of the course will be presented. Questions submitted during the second half of the course will be addressed during this session.